A series of ‘mini-MBA’ taster sessions has been launched with the aim of creating better business leaders to take Cumbria forward following the coronavirus crisis.

The events are the brainchild of Dr Steve Gibbs, senior lecturer in business at the University of Cumbria’s business school.

The sessions are aimed at giving business leaders an understanding of MBA skills, improving their leadership ability and helping them gain insights into other businesses.

“We’ve got a huge productivity gap in the UK and now Covid-19 is ripping through our economy,” said Steve.

“It’s about business leaders coming together and providing us with a forum to discuss how we move forward.

“How do we build more effective leadership and become much more productive?

“How do we enable Cumbria and the North West economy to thrive and change?

“It’s about how British industry changes and adapts to a changing world.

“I think this is the moment where we hold a big conversation as a county and out of this will come long term strategies.”

Although the sessions are led by Steve and other experts from the university, he said everyone who attended was encouraged to get involved and learn from each other as a group.

The free online sessions began on July 23 and will take place every Thursday from 1pm to 2pm until September 17.

The themes covered include: ‘What does good leadership look like in Cumbria and the North West?, ‘Digital ethics: what are the challenges for organisations and individuals?’ and ‘What are the key challenges of maintaining law and order during the coronavirus response?’

Businesses can find out more by contacting enquirycentre@cumbria.ac.uk