READERS had a lot to say about recent police calls for shops and supermarkets in England to keep customers failing to comply with new mask-wearing requirements out of their stores.

The Government made it mandatory to wear a face covering in these settings as of last Friday - despite a minor revolt among Tory MPs over the issue.

Under the new rules, those failing to do so could be hit with fines of up to £100.

Patrick Wood: Absolute waste of time wearing a mask! Talk about shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted - we’re only about four months too late to start this rubbish. So I have to wear a mask to nip and get some bits from the shop even sanitising my hands on the way in and way out. But then I can quite happily sit in the pub all day without a mask on and get steaming.

Mike Braithwaite: The official statement about masks said this was a police issue and it was not up to the shops to regulate the use of masks. They were quite explicit about that. The cops need to do as they’ve been instructed.

Martyn Teijlingen-Bell: So shop staff who already get enough grief off some customers are now expected to intercept customers who knowingly don’t want to comply and ask them to wear a mask or leave. Yeah - that’ll end well...

Adam David Parkinson: I’m doing my shopping online now. There’s absolutely nothing in Barrow that is worth venturing into town for - as I can get it all from eBay instead. I’ll wear a face covering when needs must - like when I’m visiting the petrol station.

Jane Pritchard: Don’t go in shops if you cannot be bothered to wear one.

Dave Baker: Most shop workers aren’t wearing them.

Dave Courtney: Stop being sheep, all of you.

Harry Haitch: Yeah, I’m with you Dave - I’d sooner be dead too.

Dave Courtney: Harry Haitch, each to their own opinion.