Stormin' Norman, a disabled Miniature Schnauzer who stole the hearts of the community, has sadly died.

The beloved pet passed away last week at the age of 12, much to the heartbreak of owner Al Taylor, who has seen Norman go from strength to strength since he first required the use of a wheelchair.

Norman's disability was discovered on September 14, 2013, when he was called for his tea couldn’t stand up.

Unfortunately, vets said he had a slipped disc that had irreversibly damaged the fluid around his spinal chord.

At that point he’d lost all control of his back end, legs, bladder, and bowels.

Owner Al Taylor, from Barrow, said: “It was suggested we looked at the wheelchair type option to regain mobility and it was hoped he’d regain control of his bowel and bladder.

“Basically, the ball was in our court.

“Looking back at it all now we’re all a bit staggered at how he and us coped.

“We got him some wheels off eBay, we were amazed at the options, it was obviously a more common a requirement than we’d thought.

“His personality returned possibly even bigger than before and he loved the attention he got.

“When we then started to let him off in his wheels ‘off leash’, the only problem was he’d get that much speed he’d quite often corner too fast and flip over.

"He’d just lie there till we turned him back over and then he was off again.

“He was causing a bit of a stir locally, one neighbour christening him ‘Stormin’ Norman'.

“We’re all absolutely devastated to lose him but alternatively feel so privileged to have had him and helped him with his condition.

"Norman was a superstar and a legend.

“On behalf of Norm’s family can we say a massive thank you to all the people of Barrow, plus the north west of England that have passed on messages of support. We are absolutely staggered at the response.”