Flower and vegetable growers had their efforts showcased in the Barrow and District Horticultural Society Show and The Mail was there to highlight all the winners.

In September 1997, its 88th annual show - it kept going through the First and Second World Wars - was held at Forum 28 in Barrow and came on the same day as the funeral for Diana, Princess of Wales, with millions across the country glued to their TV screens.

The Mail:

As a result, winners from each category chose to make a donation to charity as a mark of respect to 'The People's Princess,' raising £90 for Ulverston's St Mary's Hospice.

Society secretary Beryl Rollinson had been debating whether to hold the show at all in the wake of such tragic events.

The Mail:

She said: "In the end we decided to go on, the exhibits couldn't really wait around for another week or so.

"But I think everyone finally showed up and in the end it went quite well under the circumstances. It was quite successful."

The Mail:

More than 500 people turned up for the show in 1998, which displayed onions the size of footballs and foot-long carrots to go alongside the rainbows of blooms and flowers.

There were also displays of embroidery, as well as homemade jam and wine and cacti.