CONSTRUCTION work has officially begun to install a new canopy roof at Barrow AFC's stadium.

The foundations have been laid for a new roof at the football stadium in Holker Street after the club was granted permission last month.

In a project driven by co-owner Kristian Wilkes, the roof will cover the length of the Holker Street End of the ground, which has been uncovered since its previous roof was removed in 1998.

Co-owner Mark Hetherington said: “Not having a roof has caused problems because we don’t have the most Caribbean weather here - when it rains, it rains and when the wind blows it really blows.

“What this means is that the fans are going to get some decent cover and it should also create a far better atmosphere around the ground as well.”

The new roof is not the only development taking place at the ground, with work on the inside of the new fanzone at the Steelworks End now under way, including the installation of its bar.

New crush barriers are also being installed on the seating area of the grounds to increase capacity and comply with EFL regulations.

Mr Hetherington said the club ‘want to make it a far better matchday experience for everybody’.

He said: “I think, aesthetically, the ground will start to look more like a football ground, which is what we’ve all wanted from the start, and it shows that we’re going in the right direction.

“The fanzone is on its way - that’s coming on really well and it’s just another wonderful addition for the fans.

“Everything that we’re doing is for the people of Barrow, that’s what it’s about.

“We just want to make it a far better matchday experience for everybody.”

Mr Hetherington said the club was considering a variety of options to implement social distancing measures.

He said: “We’re considering every eventuality because we’ve got to.

“We’ve got to consider things with fans, without fans, or with limited fans.

"We’ve got to create strategies to suit all models at the moment and we’re continuing to do that on a weekly basis.”