FIRE kills in minutes, smoke kills in seconds.

That is why it is so important to have a smoke alarm in your house.

Firefighters have reported a rise in fires starting in kitchens during lockdown.

On average eight kitchen fires per month have been reported in the Furness area over the last half year.

Fire boss Roger Exley said fires can start when people become distracted - and warned there has been a marked rise as people are at home more while restrictions are in place.

Thankfully no-one has died yet this year but the fallout from fires can have huge consequences - not just by causing serious injuries.

It may also render your home inhabitable or destroy priceless family heirlooms.

Smoke alarms give people an early indication of danger and will save lives.

But not everyone has one.

Every home in Cumbria is eligible to apply for a free Home Safety Visit to help them deal with any potential fire hazards in their homes.

Experts will help design a fire plan so that you and your family will know how to react if you have a fire.

They will also fit, where applicable, a battery powered smoke detector free of charge.

So there really is no excuse for not getting one.