Our guide to all the soap action, week beginning Saturday, July 11

Coronation Street (ITV)

Geoff is up to his old tricks again, proving that, once again, he's an arch-manipulator.

This time he takes a surprising new approach to his predicament with Yasmeen - rather than being aggressive, he becomes meek and mild, offering to drop the charges against her if she'll come home and be his wife once more.

When that doesn't work, Geoff tries something else - he promises to turn over a new leaf and seek out professional help. Will his efforts be successful, or is Yasmeen finally wise to his scheming ways?

Leanne decides the family should try to make whatever time Oliver has left as much fun as possible. As a result, Nick steps back from running the factory and asks Carla to take over - she wastes no time making her presence felt by tackling Gary over his proposed rent hike.

Adam is also on Gary's case; he's worked out his arch enemy needs the extra cash for a dodgy deal, now all he has to do is work out what it is - and information from Laura could prove helpful.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Moira is in hospital following the hit and run, which is bad news for her, Cain and Jamie, who is wracked with guilt when he realises he didn't just knock over an animal.

However, it's good news for Andrea, who now has her estranged husband just where she wants him. She follows Jamie to the hospital, where she stops him from confessing all to Belle. Andrea convinces him they need to pretend they are back together to prevent anyone getting suspicious, which leaves Belle heartbroken.

But when Andrea later organises a date night, Jamie cracks and admits he doesn't love her anymore - leading his wife to threaten to go the police if he leaves her.

Meanwhile, as Cain and Matty keep up a vigil at Moira's bedside, Rhona worries about running the farm in her absence and Malone tries to convince Harriet he wasn't behind the hit and run.

Dan is trying to stay positive, but Bob worries when he discovers the insurance won't cover his pay out.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

The day of Kyle's funeral arrives, and when Brooke worries about delivering her own tribute, Nancy agrees to speak instead. But as well as remembering her fiance, Nancy speaks about the importance of honesty and urges anyone keeping a secret to speak out - and she's looking straight at Darren.

Her ex is later hurt when Mandy asks Cindy to keep an eye on Ella rather than him, but at least Darren does open up to his therapist, admitting he feels like everyone is treating him differently.

Scott returns home to the news about Kyle, which reminds him of his own mental-health struggles, but on a happier note, he discovers that Felix has booked a wedding venue for the following week. However, Mitchell fears that's not enough time to talk Walter into coming...

When he's not playing at being a wedding planner, Felix has to deal with a surprise visit from Warren, but is his old adversary prepared to hear what he has to say?

Lisa starts a new job and Goldie decides she needs to start looking more like a vicar's wife.

Neighbours (Channel 5)

If Peter Andre had a hand in writing this week's shows, his opener would be: 'Things are going insania; Karl and Susan are in Tasmania'. Ah, if only, but there is plenty of drama for the duo as tensions boil over as grievances come flooding out.

Following another setback, Chloe considers an alternative to fostering, while Levi and Roxy decide to not take things further than a kiss.

Toadie visits Heather in prison, and she convinces him that Dee loves him. The legal eagle not only discovers who Dee's biological father is, but also that he hasn't got long to live. While trying to summon up the courage to tell her, Dee announces that she's off to Alaska, so he offers to accompany her.

Home and Away (Channel 5)

Although Ben and Gemma have a platonic night together, Nikau thinks more went on, and has a go at both of them. As a result, the duo decides to go back to being just good friends.

However, Ben also suffers problems with Maggie. The pressure proves too much for Evan who finally agrees to the music night.

Elsewhere, John's physical limitations leave him frustrated, which puts pressure on his relationship with Marilyn.

Ryder hopes to organise a great gig for his father, but has problems with his emotions, so talks to Bella, who has problems of her own with Colby and Nikau.

And there's a terrifying experience for Leah when she comes home after dinner, and is attacked by a hooded figure. Who could it be?