FURNESS residents met with their MP to ask the Government to put climate change, nature, and people at the heart of the Covid-19 economic recovery

On Friday July 3, residents from across Furness took part a virtual lobby about the climate, nature and people hosted by Barrow MP Simon Fell.

Earlier this week, The Time Is Now Virtual Lobby saw MPs from every party meet with constituents on the same day the Prime Minister gave a speech about economic recovery. MPs from every corner of the UK engaged in over 280 digital meetings on video conferencing platform Zoom after more than 13,000 people - covering 99 per cent of constituencies across the UK - signed up to take part.

Attendees were calling for a fair and green recovery post COVID-19, demanding immediate action to protect climate and nature, while providing support for the most vulnerable people at home and abroad before it’s too late.

Mr Fell wanted to hear from local constituents and agreed to host a virtual lobby with more than a dozen local people putting questions to the local MP and engaging in debate about issues concerning the climate, nature and people in Furness.

Polling commissioned by The Climate Coalition, found that two thirds (67 per cent) of the British public think we are at a turning point in our history and want their local MP to support strong and ambitious plans on climate change.

Meanwhile, the same polling also reveals the public’s top priorities for the government regarding a green recovery:

Support for clean renewable energy sources (55 per cent)

Commitment to clean air and reducing pollution (52 per cent)

Protecting and restoring nature (52 per cent)

Investment in green jobs (46 per cent)

Incentives to help the public to reduce their carbon emissions (46 per cent)

Simon Fell, said: “It was fantastic to talk about issues as diverse as cycling and de-industrialisation.

"We have one planet and it is incumbent on us all to do our part to look after it.

"I want our recovery from Coronavirus to be a green one, with a legacy of better, greener transport, environmentally friendly homes, and renewable energy being developed in Furness.

"It is vitally important that action on climate and nature is taken in Furness and Cumbria, alongside national efforts.”

Chris Packham, TV presenter, conservationist and RSPB Vice-President, said: “We don’t want to get back to ‘normal', because it was abjectly abnormal.

"We don't want business as usual because it was bad business. And our essential response to COVID-19 has proven that everyone, the entire world, can make changes when it needs to - and it needs to now.

"This tragedy has given us pause for thought and it’s clear that people have heeded its ominous warning and want to rebuild their lives with a properly sustainable environment and secure future.”