The Walney Junior Amateur Operatic Society gave youngsters a chance to tread the boards in some impressive productions and two versions of The Snow Queen garnered plenty of attention from The Mail.

In 1988, the group were celebrating their 21st anniversary by staging a production with a 62-strong cast of children aged eight to 18 at the Civic Hall (now The Forum).

Ahead of the show's run, producer Bill Calvert said: "They are all very enthusiastic and I do have difficulty containing them sometimes.

"Everything's going very well at the moment and I hope we'll be going for another 21 years."

The Mail's review said the show's reception "would have thawed out the Snow Queen's palace itself.

"Despite a somewhat disappointing turnout for the first night of the musical, the audience was swept up in the youthfulness and vitality that marks the Juniors' productions throughout.

In 1997, another generation of youngsters took on the roles at the then-named Forum 28 and there were siblings playing important parts.

Camille Maalawy played the malevolent hobgoblin, while her brother Louis was Karl, who would be rescued from the wicked Snow Queen's (Karen Shaw) by his on-stage sister Gerda (Amy Larcombe).