Sadly, not all of the region's pubs and bars will be opening their doors on July 4.

Many have, understandably, postponed their reopening due to safety fears and anxiety over a second wave of coronavirus infections.

As we report on page seven of today's The Mail, some business owners will do takeaway meals but will not open their premises to physical customers.

Although it is unsurprising that some businesses feel this is the only safe way to operate, it is disappointing that the behaviour of a few people has led them to fear for their staff's safety.

Most of us will be able to recount instances over the past few weeks, particularly as lockdown is gradually eased, where people have been blatantly flouting lockdown guidelines.

This can be especially true in supermarkets, where some people don't seem to comprehend what social distancing is.

If not all people can be trusted to stick to guidelines, what hope do they have when they've had a few pints or glasses of wine?

Although the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions is very welcome (who isn't looking forward to visiting their local again?) it's worth reminding the ignorant few who flout the guidelines that the coronavirus is still very much a threat.

The easing of restrictions does not signal the end of the global pandemic.