A FOOTBALL club has been targeted by vandals for the second time in less than ten days.

Furness Cavaliers FC in Rampside Road is looking at installing security measures after its grounds were vandalised once again.

The club’s fence has been ripped down - less than ten days after it was targeted by arsonists who trespassed onto the grounds and deliberately set a caravan on fire.

Four fire engines were called out to the incident and were in attendance for an hour. A few weeks prior to this, a JCB parked on the club’s land also had its windows smashed in.

Stuart Roberts, Furness Cavaliers' chairman, said the club had ‘never faced problems’ like this before.

He said: “The location of the club is out of the way and not that protected so people take advantage of that.

“But we’ve never had problems like this before. The fence keeps getting ripped down and people are coming onto the land and having a drink on the pitch.

“Each time they rip it down, we put it back up to deter other people from breaking in but it doesn’t seem to be working.We don’t expect it to be ripped up.”

Vandals are believed to have ripped the fence down on Thursday night despite promises of a stronger police presence.

“We were told the police would increase their presence after my caravan was burnt down,” Mr Roberts said.

“I don’t blame them whatsoever though, they’re doing all they can, but something needs to be done.”

Mr Roberts described the vandalism as ‘frustrating’.

“We’d put a lot of money into my caravan ready for when lockdown was over," he said.

"It’s just one of those things - it’s frustrating.”

Mr Roberts said the club is considering installing a number of security measures to prevent further anti-social behaviour.

He said: “There’s a few things we’re considering at the moment.

“There needs to be some sort of deterrent to stop others from breaking the fence down and vandalising the grounds.”