BARROW MP Simon Fell has backed the Government’s decision on controversial trade deal imports such as chlorine-washed chicken and hormone treated beef. Now Mail readers have had their say...

Craig Stephenson: “We can, of course, buy our meat, fruit and veg direct from local farms and suppliers. I just buy all my meat from Brown’s Farm Shop, unless it’s an emergency Sunday morning and I need bacon butties and have to pop to the coop...”

Michael Lockley: “I have started buying free range chicken if possible since this all kicked off, and even when it is not available I never buy frozen.”

Darren Barry-Sheene Atkinson: “I would never buy meat from the USA either, but people on a tight budget may have to.”

John Wadsworth: “Even if they allow chlorinated chicken into the trade deal, it does not mean that people will buy it. At the end of the day if nobody buys it then they won’t import it.”

John Stephenson: “Well if folk supported British farming we would not have to import as much as we do”

Edna Fender: “I would not buy imported meat - especially with the coronavirus in cold processing plants.”

Christopher Wilde: “A trade deal with the United States of America, can someone please tell me what they want from us, that they already have access to.”

Sarah Merriman: “We should also be concerned about the fruit, vegetables and cereals that will be imported too - they could be treated with herbicides and pesticides that are banned in Europe as they are harmful to health, also the use of GM crops is widespread.”

Stephen Jay: “They can send over all they want, I won’t be buying any.”

Anne Lowther: “The effects of Brexit.”

Greg Rose: “That is Brexit for you... We are now a country that is reliant on crap food from the states."