You would hope that as lockdown is eased, and the worst of the coronavirus pandemic appears to be behind us, that our emergency services would be looking forward to a well earned break.

At the very least, our doctors, nurses, firefighters, police and ambulance drivers could expect members of the public to avoid placing further pressure on bluelight services.

How disappointing it is, then, to see young people taking the opportunity of relaxed lockdown guidelines to immediately put themselves in danger.

As we report on page nine of today’s The Mail, crowds of young people have been spotted jumping into the old mining areas surrounding Roanhead Beach, endangering themselves and potentially exposing emergency workers to risk of coronavirus infection.

Barrow fire boss Roger Exley said: “Firefighters from Barrow are urging young people to stay away from disused quarries and old mine workings.

“They pose a great risk to life from sudden and unexpected collapse or falls from height long with the risk of flooding.

“We are working alongside our colleagues in Mountain and Mines Rescue to ensure we warn of the risk and ensure parents and those that care for young people know where there children are and ensure they are safe.”

Don’t risk your own life, and theirs.