Aries (Mar21/Apr20): A need for financial independence could prompt you to start your own business. You don’t need to drop your current ways of earning, but it would be a good idea to launch an enterprise that brings in extra cash. Dealing with collectibles could be especially profitable. This is also a great time to buy or sell property. After some quick negotiations, you’ll settle on a satisfying price. Don’t be surprised if you’re inspired to move to a neighbourhood that reminds you of a bygone era. This could be something you can start working on now even if it is not possible to do anything definite about it just yet.

Taurus (Apr21/May21): Marching to the beat of your own drum is lots of fun. For many years, you yearned to fit in with the crowd. Recently, you’ve discovered how much fun it is to flaunt your distinctive style. Feel free to adopt a quirky look. A caring email or text from a friend warms your heart. It’s good to know that you are adored. Play this experience forward by checking on an elderly neighbour. Drop off a bouquet of flowers or some delicious takeaway.

Gemini (May22/Jun21): There’s nothing wrong with being a loner. Working on your own clarifies your vision. Instead of being distracted by other people’s opinions, you’ll learn the courage of your convictions. You’ve been blessed with a powerful intuition. Use it to make creative choices and monetary decisions. A lucrative opportunity is worth checking out. Apply for this position as quickly as possible even though you’ll have to wait for current restrictions and regulations to ease before you can fully move forward.

Cancer (Jun22/Jul23): Some free-thinking friends may accuse you of being narrow-minded. Let them introduce you to different ways of thinking and living. Some of these attitudes will continue to offend you, but others will grow on you. Some modern trends are worth following. This is a terrific time to promote your personal agenda. Investigate opportunities to make an interest or hobby bring in a little extra income. People love your clever way with words. If you’ve been working on a book, it’s time to focus more fully on your writing. It could be the way forward you have been looking for.

Leo (Jul24/Aug23): Have you grown bored with the way you are living your life? Take this opportunity to develop an idea for an innovative product or service. If you’re unable to make changes just at the moment, you can start thinking of ways to boost your financial freedom. Rather than acting hastily in the hope of dealing decisively with a problem, adopt a wait and see attitude. By assuming everything will work to your advantage, a solution to this dilemma will present itself. The Universe has your back. Let this knowledge comfort and reassure you.

Virgo (Aug24/Sep23): A friend may seek your advice, and it’s clear to you what needs to be done. Before finally rendering your opinion, think carefully about what effect it might have. It’s possible to be firm but compassionate. There’s nothing worse than having your bubble burst by someone you love and admire! Furthermore, you may want to think about whether taking a risk could be to their benefit. Some people thrive on change. Make allowances for differences in temperament. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily all that good for the gander.

Libra (Sep24/Oct23): Your ambitions have changed over the years. That’s perfectly fine. Be open to setting new goals. Someone with your sharp intellect is bound to cultivate fresh interests at every opportunity. If you’ve been thinking of inventing some new recipes, go for it. You have a great palette. Experimenting with ingredients can take your mind off mundane problems. Whenever anxiety sets in, exercise your imagination. Inventing new ways of doing things nearly always releases tension for you. Draw on your well of creativity.

Scorpio (Oct24/Nov22): Unexpected changes to a partnership are bound to be good for both of you. It isn’t realistic to expect your union to remain preserved in amber. People are always growing and evolving. By encouraging each other to explore new vistas, you’ll remain close and affectionate. Developing a bold art project will fill you with pleasure. It’s fun to create new worlds from the comfort of your own home. Carve out a study or studio space where you can work without being interrupted. It can be done.

Sagittarius (Nov23/Dec21): People shake their heads with bewilderment when they hear your colourful stories. It takes a special person to thrive in this environment. Money from an investment or inheritance will allow you to buy some property. Checking out the chances of purchasing a home or holiday spot near the water will give you something positive to think about. When current restrictions ease you can negotiate a good price and make a special dream come true without breaking the bank. Charm works better than insults.

Capricorn (Dec22/Jan20): Getting drawn into an unconventional romance will be entertaining. You’ll enjoy falling in love with someone enjoys poking fun at the status quo. Thanks to their influence, you’ll start questioning authority and following wild impulses. It will be a change for the better. This is a good time to sign an agreement. Not only will you get the compensation you deserve, but you’ll feel respected by the other party. Anyone who tries making you feel guilty about your demands should be challenged.

Aquarius (Jan21/Feb19): If you know people who worry about your safety, devise a system for checking in with them. Your loved ones won’t cling too tightly if you are considerate about their concerns. Get into the habit of calling or texting each day, just to put them at ease. Working for a family-based business can be creatively fulfilling. Instead of having to follow some predictable corporate model, you’ll be able to innovate systems, products and services. You’d much rather set trends than follow them.

Pisces (Feb20/Mar20): You have an unusual outlook that attracts lots of attention. Conventional types enjoy arguing with you, trying to make you feel foolish. After trying to mock you, these critics walk away feeling humiliated. That’s because you have a great command of reliable facts and figures. Drawing on this information helps you to create unique artwork. Whether you write stories, paint murals or make clothes, your style gets attention. Launching a website or promotional campaign will help you sell your handiwork.