FAR-right activist Tommy Robinson spent the night in police cells after he was arrested following an incident in Barrow.

Mr Robinson - whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon - is among four men who were arrested on Thursday night following a report of an assault in Hollywood Park.

Mr Robinson was in Barrow to film a mass show of support following allegations of an Asian grooming gang in the town.

A man aged 43 from the West Midlands area, a man aged 47 from the North Wales area and a man aged 28 from the Bedfordshire area were arrested on suspicion of a public order offence.

Mr Robinson, 37 and from the Bedfordshire area, was arrested on suspicion of assault and a public order offence.

Community figures condemned Mr Robinson’s return to the town.

In a joint statement issued by Unite Against Fascism, members said Mr Robinson intended ‘to exploit a sensitive, local issue, in order to try and stir up racial hatred’.

Walney South Labour Councillor Frank Cassidy said: “So-called ‘Tommy Robinson’ is an ideological extremist who wants to divide communities and point the finger at Asian people.

“The vast majority of Barrow residents will reject his race hate message. We want to live in peace and see justice carried out.”

Mandy Penellum, secretary of Barrow Trades Union Council said: “‘Robinson’ regularly attempts to involve himself in such cases, and the division and hatred he whips up in communities does absolutely nothing to help the victims, and much to destroy the good community relations we enjoy in our town.”

Paul Jenkins of Unite Against Fascism said: ‘’Tommy Robinson’ is a fascist. He was a member of the BNP and founded the English Defence League - an organisation which regularly had Nazi salutes on its demonstrations.

“These organisations were beaten by standing in unity against fascism and sustained anti-fascist campaigning.”

In a video posted on social media, Simon Fell referred to current tensions in the town which he said the far right are ‘looking to capitalise’ on.

He said: “People want justice, they want to know that the authorities are listening, acting fairly and they will treat victims and perpetrators without fear or favour.

“I want that too and I want us as a community to pull together and remember what made us so strong over these last few months whilst we have been locked down.

“There are those on the far right who are looking to capitalise on it who are hoping that because you are worried, because you are fearful, you will turn to them. They won’t bring justice for anyone in this case.

“They’ll sow discord and they’ll bring anger. So, if you want to help, then get good information to the police, Crimestoppers, or Women’s Community Matters.”