Readers have had their say on a beer garden at Barrow Raiders' ground.

Helen Hotchkiss On the outside of the grounds pics of NHS staff and key workers as a tribute to their hard work, then going to have a beer garden where when people have drink inside them won't have a clue how to social distance. Bit double standards

Dawn McCabe Never mind the hard work the NHS frontline workers have done, also people that have died, as long as it's money stuff everything else totally disgusted

Tracy Higginson What a daft thing to do in the current situation

Lorraine Parkinson This is needed at clubhouse

Tracy Garnett Exactly how are they going to police it?

Neil McDougall self contained Covid trap then

Keith Broadhurst Ill be there for a few coronas

Dave J Taylor The most ridiculous idea yet. As soon as you introduce alcohol people become relaxed and the two meter rule becomes two inches. And the toilets will be a problem. But hey-ho party on. Just keep it in Barrow. How can you stop people from gathering closer? Even security has to be two meters apart, what happens if a fight breaks out?

Neil McDougall Dave J Taylor it’s a pub and as far as I’m aware beer gardens are a no no

Mark Casson Great idea