A slight easing of lockdown restrictions is no reason to act irresponsibly, and not just with regards to spreading the coronavirus.

While your favourite fast food restaurants may be tentatively reopening, that is no reason to forget social responsibility and throw etiquette into the wind.

As The Mail reports on page seven of today's paper, following the reopening of Barrow KFC, albeit it just the drive thru, residents were horrified to see litter strewn all across the area by inconsiderate fast food lovers.

One said: “This is a disgrace... the KFC addicts sat in those queues should be ashamed.”

Another added: “Can’t you just tell KFC is open.

“God knows what it’s going to be like when McDonald’s opens.”

Even before the coronavirus pandemic began, and lockdown guidelines came into force, littering in such a manner was a despicable act.

Now, with council services kept to an absolute minimum, it is disgraceful.

The person who has to clean up that mess will be put at an unnecessary and avoidable risk. Simply by taking their rubbish home with them customers could have saved cleaners from going out into the street and potentially spreading the virus.

In these troubling times, we all need to take a little extra responsibility.