Our guide to all the week's soap action, from Saturday May 16:

EastEnders (BBC1)

Phil is still trying to sort out buying the Vic, which surprises Linda who thinks he should be more concerned with Ben's operation.

However, Phil does start taking an interest when he discovers that his son's surgery has been rescheduled because the doctor thinks he's too unwell to proceed. That leaves the worried dad wondering if he should still involve Ben in the job – so when Danny later approaches him, will Phil find a new partner in crime?

Meanwhile, Callum comes up with an unusual punishment for a deaf shoplifter – he decides she should have a word with his boyfriend.

Suki steps in to help when an ambulance is called for Jean, and Tiffany worries that Keegan may have cost Jack his job when she realises her husband has shared the video exonerating him.

Emmerdale (ITV)

Vicar Harriet is being particularly sinful as she gets intimate with Malone – in the church.

She's later filled with guilt and insists their passionate encounter was a mistake, but that doesn't stop the corrupt cop asking her to meet him again.

Meanwhile, Will is still hopeful he can win Harriet back, but will he his attempts to make amends work or just push her straight back into Malone's arms?

Elsewhere, Mandy is suspicious when Vinny raves about his amazing new workmate Alex and how well they get on. But rather than twigging that the new scrapyard employee is really Vinny's dad Paul, Mandy starts to wonder if the mysterious Alex might be a girl...

Coronation Street (ITV)

When the week's episodes begin, Oliver is still lying in a hospital bed, heavily sedated and awaiting the tests that will determine exactly what is wrong with him.

Steve and Leanne are shocked when the initial diagnosis of epilepsy turns out to be wrong – their little boy has a condition that is potentially far more serious, leaving them beside themselves with worry. As they wait for further news, they find comfort in remembering humorous moments from Oliver's life, but when Nick suggests they should take things more seriously, Leanne lashes out.

Eventually, after a heart-to-heart with Toyah, the couple make amends and vow to support each other, come what may.

Meanwhile, as Michael rails against Ed's decision to turn the other cheek to Don's constant racist jibes, James fears his sexuality will ruin his dream of becoming a top footballer.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Jordan's county-lines operation runs into trouble when he realises Sid and Juliet are away on a week-long school trip – which means they won't be available for any dodgy errands.

So, he decides to find a new young recruit and poses as Sid so he can message Charlie via gaming. When Jordan later persuades the youngster to make a delivery for him, has his fiendish plan worked?

Elsewhere, Diane is grateful for Edward's support in the wake of the news about Tony's brain tumour - and it seems her husband is too as he unexpectedly suggests that his dad moves in with them.

Tom offers Romeo a masterclass on impressing the ladies, but his would-be protege decides the mentor is the one in need of some tips after it becomes clear that Tom and Yazz haven't slept together.

Home and Away (C5)

Marco shows his true colours – he blackmails Maggie into convincing Ben to invest in his business. But will he be satisfied with the cash? It seems not, prompting Maggie to confide in Roo before coming clean to her husband.

Justin and Leah are reconciled; they and Tori gather to scatter Mason's ashes during an emotional farewell. The Morgans also clear out his room for Grace after discovering that Jasmine is pregnant.

Willow struggles to come to terms with her split from Alex and lashes out at her friends, but receives welcome support from Dean and Colby.

Neighbours (C5)

It's 17 years since Dee disappeared shortly on her wedding day and there's been a lot of water under the bridge – but is there still time for her and Toadie to live happily ever after?

She's back in Erinsborough as a favour for her doppelganger Andrea, but wonders if sticking around might be a good idea. She broaches the subject tentatively with Toadie, who is still grieving for Sonya.

Andrea, meanwhile, unexpectedly bonds with Elly, as her cellmate's predicament reminds her of herself and Hugo, and she decides to request a photograph of her son.

After watching a stressed Susan take her frustrations out on an unfortunate Mackenzie, Claudia decides to launch her custody bid. The Kennedys are devastated by Sam's courtroom revelations, which result in Aster being handed over to her grandmother.