Police officers in Copeland have responded after a member of the public was "disappointed" with the lack of PPE an officer was wearing.

On a post on Copeland Police's Facebook they wrote: "So, after reading a post on a other site where a member of the public was disappointed on seeing an officer dealing with a member of the public without wearing PPE I thought I would comment.

"Currently pictured is the PPE we have, in a sealed bag, that is signed out at the start of the shift and signed back in at the end as we don't have enough for personal issue. In the bag is the following: a face mask, some gloves, some hand sanitizer, some antibacterial wipes and a plastic apron.

"Now, currently when we get calls in for service a small number of questions are asked around COVID19 risks, if those boxes are ticked then the attending officer can break open the bag and wear the PPE to attend the job.

"In short, if we wore this stuff constantly then we would run out in a matter of days so it has to be used sparingly and appropriately."