A FESTIVE favourite has taken a break from making toys to spread a goodwill message to children in isolation.

Nanny Elf, who can usually be found in December at Barrow and District Disability Association’s Christmas Grotto, has sent a message out to the girls and boys amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Nanny Elf said: “Hello children, I bet you didn’t expect to see Nanny Elf.

“Father Christmas has asked me to tell you all that he’s thinking of you all and he wants you to keep yourself busy, things are very different at the moment.

“You’re not able to go to nursery and school, play with your friends and go out and do things that you always liked to do.

“But, we have to keep ourselves very busy.”

Nanny Elf also encouraged children to help around the house, and to keep themselves active.

She said: “Help around the house, remember, a little bit of help always brings a smile.

“Tidy your bedroom, push it under the bed, put a blanket over it - if it looks tidy your grown ups will be pleased.

“It’s very, very important that we do our home schooling.

“And it’s important that we are kind, caring, sharing and helping people.

“Also remember you have to wash your hands, always wash your hands.”

Nanny Elf revealed that she had been exercising with her fellow elves alongside health guru Joe Wicks.

She encouraged children to follow along in a Christmassy edition of the exercises and said that exercise makes us feel good and makes us smile.

The exercises included ballet dancing and ladder climbing.

She said: “Look after yourselves, keep busy, have fun and keep laughing.”