In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we asked our Mail readers for some activities to do whilst at home...

1 Board Games

A staple in our parents and grandparent's generation, but sadly growing out of fashion for the youth of today.

A week or two at home is the perfect setting to bring out the dusty Monopoly board or Twister mat to reignite the board game generation.

This was a firm favourite among The Mail readers.

2 Painting

If you're indoors self-isolating or working from home, a creative activity such as drawing or painting is the ideal distraction from the coronavirus frenzy.

Pick up a sketch book and some colouring pencils to escape from the every day world.

3 Hide and Seek

A suggestion not just for kids but the whole family.

Why not reignite your inner kid by partaking in a game of hide and seek, sure to leave the family laughing.

4 Gardening

Now self-isolation does not necessarily mean stay in the house.

Why not venture outside and tend to those garden bulbs left neglected over winter?

The next few weeks would be the perfect time to plant some new seedlings or mow the lawn.

Some fresh air can't do anyone any harm.

5 Baking

An activity for a rainy day which always goes down a treat.

Baking is a sure favourite to bring together the whole family whilst eating the tasty end result.

Get the kids to choose a recipe or two and try not to eat too much of the mixture.

6 Arts and Crafts

If you have a pair of scissors, some paper and glue in the house, you've already got what you need.

An activity for kids as well as adults who want to try their hand at something entirely new like origami or paper mache.

7 Yoga

Self-isolation or staying at home does not have to mean a complete abandonment of all exercise.

Stick on an online yoga or exercise video and release some healthy endorphins.

8 Movie Day

Being shut off to at home is a perfect excuse to binge a chick-flick or two and not feel guilty about it.

Now is the perfect time to watch that movie you've been longing to watch for months or binge that boxset you've always put off.

Put your feet up and grab some snacks.

9 Spring Clean

Not a huge favourite but a great option for those more motivated stay-at-homers.

Empty out that wardrobe and dust down those windowsills - you won't regret it.

10 Meditate

The world is a bit of a scary place at the moment so don't forget to breathe.

Relax your mind and engage in some deep breathing.