A MINIATURE Shetland pony born on St Patrick's Day has become a regular at his local pub and pops in daily - for a Guinness.

Stout-loving equine Patrick, aptly named as he was born on March 17, often turns heads during visits to the boozer with his owner.

Kirk Petrakis, 42, said his four-hoofed friend stands calmly at the bar at the Drum Inn to enjoy his daily tipple of Guinness.

It even has a carrot as his pub snack of choice.

He has become such a familiar face in the village pub at Cockington, Devon, that a special second birthday party will be held this month.

Kirk said: "The daily pub visit is all part of his routine and is his highlight. He likes a sip of Guinness and he has a carrot - that's it.

"It's a special treat for him. We decided on Guinness as he was born on St Patrick's Day.

"It also has some nutritional value for him. He just has a few sips - nothing too heavy."

Kirk has looked after Patrick for about three months and said as soon as they got him they took him around Cockington and initially went into the local tea room with him.

He added: "Now we take him daily into the Drum Inn. It is all part of his training to get him to desensitise to all the sounds in a busy pub atmosphere - but he absolutely loves it there.

"He is doing extremely well. People can not believe their eyes when they see a horse in the pub.

"He gets a big reaction there and on social media.

"The first trip went down really well. I did say to the manager of the Drum Inn beforehand what we were planning so he was fully aware. He was fine with it. It is a dog pub so he was happy for us to bring Patrick in.

"The response was brilliant. People were coming over taking photos and lots of children enjoyed meeting him.

"He loves being in the pub and he really loves all the attention."

Patrick is owned by Kirk and his wife Hannah, 36, who run K&H Cockington Carriages. The couple have three children who 'adore' their pony pal.

Kirk said: "He normally goes to the pub in the day but was there during an evening for my wife's birthday when things sometimes get rowdy.

"But he remained as good as gold and stood very chilled and relaxed. The younger lads were saying things like 'oh my god, I can not believe there is a pony in the pub.'

"It is not your usual sight down the local. It is a bit of fun for everyone and Patrick enjoys it too. People want to come and cuddle him. Some drinkers do wonder though if the beer they are drinking is a bit too strong.

"Patrick is always on best behaviour though and is very docile. He has never had to be be kicked out and is a lot better behaved than some of the dogs.

"He is quiet and just brings a calming presence."

Kirk said the pub visits are likely to go on for about a year and he will eventually be put to work pulling a miniature carriage for children. He could also be used for therapy and visiting schools and hospitals.

But before then he is going to enjoy a big birthday bash at the pub.

Kirk added: "He is going to be two this St Patrick's Day and we are having a birthday party for him in the pub. There will certainly be plenty of Guinness flying around that day."