NO doubt it would be fair to say that when most of us reach Junction 36 we will more than likely head either north or south.

The prospect of going straight over the roundabout isn’t something we might often consider, but given what is just a few miles beyond it might just be worth the short journey.

The Plough at Lupton is somewhat serendipitous.

If you’ve never been there then you won’t appreciate why you should.

Abigail and I visited The Plough for a late tea after picking up a Herdy campervan from nearby Farleton for our half-term holiday.

We decided against starters and both Abigail and I went for a burger - hers slightly smaller than mine of course.

Abigail’s 3oz burger, with fries, cost £5.95.

When it comes to a children’s menu it seems to be ‘the norm’ that you will expect the quality of the food to be pretty average.

And certainly I wouldn’t expect a kid’s burger to be much different to the freezer variety made by Birds Eye.

But when I had a taste of Abigail’s burger (subject to her approval of course) I was impressed to discover that the quality of the meat matched mine - a ‘proper’, minced beef burger with chunks of onion, cooked just right.

My burger came with a few more accoutrements which, in all fairness, Abigail would have rejected anyway, and I was especially impressed by the thickly-sliced gherkins and melting, mature cheese (£13.95).

As my eyes were bigger than my belly I also ordered us one of the sides - the ‘seasons of Ingleton award winning wild flower sourdough cob’ served with bacon butter (£6.75).

And, if I’m honest, I wish I hadn’t bothered.

The butter didn’t have the slightest taste of bacon and was so hard it took some aggressive spreading to get it on the warm pieces of sourdough bread.

The bread itself was lovely but for £6.75 I would have expected a bit more than what was effectively just a nice loaf of bread.

An all-round lovely meal but with room for improvement.

Atmosphere 4

Food 4

Value 3.5


Extensive and tempting menu


The staff weren’t as attentive as they should have been