A MAN who assaulted two women at a town centre takeaway has been jailed.

David Lee Baratt appeared in court after an incident at the Hot Potato takeaway in Barrow.

Magistrates were told that the defendant had assaulted Megan Jones and Amber Rouke on August 26 just after midnight.

South Cumbria Magistrates' Court heard he punched the first woman in the face at the Cavendish Street takeaway causing her two black eyes before her boyfriend stepped in.

The defendant, 36, was said to have pushed the man in the door of the takeaway.

He was then said to have lunged towards a second woman and clipped her face before spitting at her.

The fist woman was said to have got her phone out to call the police.

But when she did Baratt snatched it out of her hand, bending her nail back and causing it to bleed.

The phone was found outside the takeaway damaged.

Appearing before the bench on February 19, the defendant pleaded guilty to three assaults on the two women and damge the phone.

The bench, lead by chairman Christopher Harris, sentenced to a total of 12 weeks for the offences.

He was sentenced to two 12 week prison terms for assaulting Megan Jones to be served concurrently.

He was also given 12 weeks for the other assault to Amber Rouke and four weeks for the phone damage.

The defendant was previously of Glasgow Steet in Barrow.