FURNESS mental health campaigners have spoken out for people to be more compassionate in the wake of TV host Caroline Flack’s death.

The former Love Island presenter was found dead at her London flat at the age of 40.

Michael Cassells, a campaigner with every life matters, said: “Many people have expressed concerns at the link between press and social media coverage and the sad news of Ms Flack’s death.

“We all have a responsibility to report or comment with compassion.

“Stop and think: is it true, is it necessary, is it kind to print or post? The majority of suicides are preventable and people do recover from such despair.

“Already in Cumbria people are coming forward to be trained to help or are volunteering with Samaritans, Citizens Advice, Mind as well as other wellbeing and advice charities. Often we need to tackle the underlying causes of why someone is struggling.

“There are a range of helplines and charities available as well as the NHS and public services. But we all can help.

“On average we lose one person a week to death by suicide in Cumbria. In Cumbria, organisations like Mind and Every Life Matters offer suicide awareness training that anyone can take part in.”

Dan Webber, a prolific mental health campaigner, said: “You simply never know what someone is going through or feeling on the inside, behind a smile.

"Realise the impact of your words and what you say about others because bullying in any form is cruel and evil and if true, this proves that it can have a fatal effect.

“You are not on your own, despite what you think.”

Councillor Iain Mooney, spokesman for health and well-being, said “It is always very sad when anyone takes their own life.

“We do still have a long way to go when it comes to stigma around mental health, but luckily we do have a lot of good things happening locally with organisations such as MIND, Every Life Matters, and even campaigners like Dan Webber who do great things.

“Sadly when we see celebrity stories come out, this is when people start to talk about their mental health issues, but it should be happening constantly. Help is out there for people, so speak up.”