The Mail readers have had their say on the various protests which took place this week, in opposition to the planned coal mine in Cumbria:

Evie Plumb Brilliant to see people taking a stand against the dinosaurs at the council, telling them to keep coal in the ground. There are so many better ways to create local jobs, green, useful jobs that will last. If this goes ahead, it will be a statement of climate denial from the government.

Yvonne Nicholson We sadly finished coal mining in this country some years ago , the close down of the mines had a devastating effect on the north. We have Imported coal for decades. We are just coming to terms with green ideas to slow down the environmental impact caused by the industrial revolution, so why revisit mining Coal now.

Ste Howes Looks a very....... dramatic.

Russell Babbs Problem is,we still import coal.Thousands of tons of the stuff. Rather see locals getting the work. Didn’t know there were so many green jobs out there!

John Greenhalgh Time they grew up and put their energies into something useful. They seem to be happy to put people out of work how do they think we can make steel and other products better to use our own rather than import it.

Richard Stokes No good protesting in the UK get yourself to China and the US and ask about their carbon footprint. Until we all tow the line we are wasting our time.

Scott Wilson Back to the future! Ridiculous idea.

Eileen Morris They would have more credibility if they were all educated well informed experts. Same attitude which caused the big rise in mumps due to ignorant campaign against vaccination.

Jane NCookie When I was passing by I heard a child say to their mum what are they doing and the mum said 'they are doing this for your future'. Its sad when only 2.8% of the profits will go back to Cumbrian people and the rest of the profits will go to the rich Southeners. I am shocked that there isn't more Cumbrian people protesting about the lack of jobs and dumping coal mining in an area of beauty.

Diane Hardy How much is this costing the tax payers.