A COMMUNITY group has started a fundraiser to try and raise £80,000 to repair a footpath on Biggar Bank.

The Better Biggar Bank Community Group decided to take action as repairing the footpath is one of their priorities to better the area on Walney.

Over the coming months it’s their priority to begin to make temporary repairs to the pathway along Biggar Bank as at present it’s not fit for purpose.

The total cost to replace the pathway has been quoted at £80,000 so initially with your help we can begin these repairs in the coming months.

Sandra Murray, who has organised this fundraiser, said: “We are a group of dedicated residents and our focus is the pathway.

“I decided a fundraising page was the best thing to do to begin with and last Friday, within 24 hours we achieved our initial target. We now have more than £500 in donations.

“I was really overwhelmed and I am really grateful to everyone who has donated as we have had so many.”

Donations can be made to the Roundhouse or at South Walney Infant an Junior schools.

Nancy Mckinnell headteacher at South Walney Infants and chair of BBBCG, said: “Sandra has done really well as the path is still one of our main priorities for Biggar Bank.

“There were 15 people at our last meeting and we are all working together on the issue to improve the area.

“We are very glad to have Sandra who has driven this forward to get money raised.”

The community group has received support from South Walney councillor Frank Cassidy as well who is backing the community group to help better the Biggar Bank area.

He said: “We want to see improvement to the pathways on Walney, especially those near the play parks.”