BAE Systems' nuclear project in Barrow is estimated to be £129m over budget, according to a new report.

Last week, the National Audit Office reported that the Ministry of Defence’s nuclear weapons project was £1.3bn over budget.

The project includes sites at Raynesway, near Derby, Burghfield, in Berkshire, and Barrow.

The report shows that BAE's Barrow site has been delayed by only 1.7 years, which is the shortest delay out of the three sites.

Despite the cost of delay in Barrow being smaller, there has still been a 116% rise in cost from the original budget, which was £111m when initially planned in 2016. The project is forecasted to be complete in 2022.

When news of the NAO report broke last week, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “As the National Audit Office has acknowledged, nuclear infrastructure projects are often large and complex with niche designs.

“We are committed to strengthening the management of nuclear programmes, including investing significantly in infrastructure and working closely with regulators and industry partners.”