THE new Barrow and Furness MP used his first speech in the Commons to urge the Government to explore the idea of an £8 billion bridge across Morecambe Bay.

Speaking in Parliament for the first time, Conservative Simon Fell praised his constituency as a ‘hidden away, remarkable place’ and vowed to ‘fight’ for Furness.

He welcomed the Government’s commitment to the Dreadnought submarine programme and called for the Bay and the Cumbrian Coast to lead the UK in the green industrial revolution.

Urging the Government to back the Bay bridge and tidal barrage, he said: “Off our coastline are the ideal conditions for a tidal barrage, the development of which would cement the Cumbrian coast as a northern powerhouse in renewable energy, skills and capability.

“This remote and beautiful part of England could become the epicentre of the green industrial revolution.

“We have the people, we have the skills, we just need the chance.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues on the front bench in exploring the viability of this bold project.”

Northern Tidal Power Gateways is pushing for a 14km bridge across Morecambe Bay and another of 5.5km between Barrow and Millom across the Duddon Estuary.

The newly-elected MP also used his maiden speech to praise the area’s industry and sense of community.

“Stretching almost - almost - from Coniston Old Man in the north all the way to Walney Island in the south, Barrow and Furness is beautiful, with an industrial town at its beating heart," he said.

“From local craft shops to the best pies in England, Furness’ real natural resource is its people.

“There is no place with a stronger sense of community.

“It is hidden away, but it is a remarkable place

“It is an incredible honour to be here and I will work daily to earn the trust that the people of Barrow and Furness have put in me.

“I look forward to fighting for them in the years to come.”

Mr Fell also reserved praise for his predecessor, former Barrow MP John Woodcock, saying: “John was a staunch and passionate defender of this beautiful but often neglected part of the world.

“He fought to secure the Dreadnought programme in the shipyard, and brought that same focus to the fight against anti-Semitism and injustice wherever he saw it, no matter the personal cost."