A volunteer organisation is out again this Christmas and New Year's looking after you on a night out.

The Barrow Street Angels are set and ready to hit the streets for the festive period to make sure members of the public get home safely.

This year they are hoping to get a base to take in vulnerable people from the cold, and they are appealing to business owners on Cavendish Street.

They have been dedicated to providing support and care to party goers out on the town in the early hours of the weekend for more than two years now.

The team meet around midnight every Saturday before they head out to dish out lollipops, flip-flops, and bottles of water.

Sophie Carnaby, coordinator of the Street Angels said: “We are here to help reduce the pressure on NHS staff and the police, these are the main reasons we exist.

“We help people to decide if they should ring for an ambulance or not. I have had people burping too much thinking they should, and someone with ligaments in their hand showing who thought they shouldn’t.

“We generally have teams of three: a man, a woman, and a first aider.

“We try to stop anti-social behaviour after people drink too much and use lollipops to help defuse situations that may end up in a fight.

“We also give out bottles of water and flip-flops so girls do not cut their feet walking barefoot after taking their heels off.

“We give out up to 60 bottles of water and 60 pairs of flip-flops, as well as up to 200 lollipops on a Saturday.

“We are always looking for more volunteers, so if people are interested they can contact us on Facebook.

“What I would like is for us to have a premises on Cavendish Street that we can use.

“At this time of year I would not want to add hypothermia to a medical situation.

“I call upon property owners on that street to offer this to us.”

Sophie went on to say: “I am very grateful to those who give up their time around Christmas to volunteer with us each weekend. They are great.

“I would like to thank them for their service over the last two years.”

This service does provide great first aid and advice for people who are on a night out, which is especially poignant during Christmas time. This helps relieve pressure on emergency services in Barrow.

Inspector Jim Bailey said: “Anybody who volunteers to contribute to the community and helps make it better is doing a great thing.

“They are coming together in their own time, to contribute out of their own goodwill to make sure people in Barrow have a safe night out.

“From a police perspective, this is a perfect example of how we work with other partners, including in our Local Focus Hubs.

“We work very closely with them and we support them at any opportunity we can."

Barrow operations manager for North West Ambulance Service, Lisa Richie, said: “Any support offered to vulnerable people this time of year is welcome and we thank the Street Angels for the work that they do.

“As many people are out and about in the town centre on weekend evenings, particularly after consuming alcohol, they are more likely to become vulnerable.

"By volunteers offering support in the community they can help avoid the need for emergency services.

“We urge partygoers to enjoy their nights out sensibly this Christmas - know your limits, plan your route home and stay with friends.”

Advice on how to keep safe when out this can be found on: https://www.cninetwork.org/safenightout-party.html