GASPS of amazement filled a popular community pub as stunned punters watched a man complete Cumbria’s toughest Yuletide eating challenge in breathtaking time.

Seven diners with big appetites lined up to take on the 2lb pig in blanket charity competition at The Commodore in Grange.

It saw them face a festive plate piled high with a 2lb pig in blanket entombed in a 12-inch Yorkshire Pudding, topped with a full Christmas dinner.

Only two people managed to finish the challenge - with the winner seeing the whole plate off in an astonishing 10 minutes and 59 seconds.

Charlotte Hargan, the general manager of The Commodore, said: “We were absolutely gobsmacked. It is difficult to appreciate the sheer size of the pig in blanket alone without seeing it in real life.

“The contestant who won it was incredible. He was like a machine. Everybody watching couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Most of the challengers had barely scraped the surface, and this guy was absolutely demolishing it.

“He even ordered a sticky toffee pudding for his dessert. It really was amazing.”

The man in question was 31-year-old Shaun Moorby, a 6ft,16-stone gym lover from Barrow - who took on the challenge having already had FOUR meals that day.

He said: “I never get full - I’m a human dustbin and I can keep on eating. The toughest part of the challenge was the bacon because that was salty.

“The meal was massive and to be honest, I did feel a bit rough once it had settled.

“But I recovered and did have something to eat when I got home.”

The only other person to finish the challenge was George Tuala from Grange, who took 43 minutes and 36 seconds to clear the plate. Everyone else dropped out at various stages.

Charlotte said: “The atmosphere was amazing; so many people who didn’t take part in the challenge said they will definitely be involved if we ever do one again.

“It was great to see so many people in good spirits, having fun and cheering each other along. I should think we will definitely be doing something again, so watch this space.”

All profits from the dishes served will go to the Barrow Foodbank by way of a food donation.