A WOMAN is appealing for witnesses after she was involved in a hit-and-run collision which left her seeking hospital treatment.

Lauren Rushton felt ‘angry and disappointed’ when a car sped off without stopping after it was in collision with the back of her vehicle. The woman was travelling home from Barrow when she became stuck in some heavy traffic on the A590 near Lindal.

“It was so busy, all the cars had ground to a halt," she said. “I had been stationary for a while when a car suddenly hit me full force from the back.

“I didn’t hear brakes or anything so the driver must’ve been going quite fast. He then pulled up alongside me then drove off. I couldn’t believe he didn’t stop to make sure I was okay.”

Miss Rushton said she was ‘screaming’ in shock when the vehicle crashed into the back of her car.

“I didn’t know what had happened - I had no idea how violent car accidents are," she said. “I cracked my neck and think I hit my head because I have a headache now.

“The shock of it was worse than anything.”

Despite a number of cars witnessing the accident, no one stopped to check if she was okay, says Miss Rushton.

“I couldn’t believe no one stopped to help,” she said. “I could’ve been seriously injured and not one driver stopped. I’m disappointed that was the reaction.”

Miss Rushton hopes the driver or passenger of the vehicle comes forward.

“I couldn’t see the man driving the car but the woman sat next to him had bright blonde hair,2 she said. “I just want the driver to do the right thing and come forward.

“The car is a write off so this is going to cost me a lot of money just before Christmas - it’s not right. I imagine the other car would have significant damage too so it’s probably been taken to a body shop of some sort.”

A police spokeswoman confirmed that at around 5.30pm on Thursday police were called to a report of a failure to stop road traffic collision on the A590 between Lindal and Swarthmoor, near to the junction for Railway Terrace.