A RETIRED couple have been left ‘stunned’ after their vehicle was sprayed with a pellet gun.

Mike and Susan Gardiner’s Citroen Picasso was shot 28 times on the driver's side door on November 4 between 7am and 5pm on Island Road.

It comes after a moving bus was also shot at, also on Island Road, on November 6.

The Ancaster Street residents were on holiday over the weekend and when they came back they found their car had been damaged.

Mr Gardiner, a former welder, said: “I like that car and I was really annoyed about it. I was rather upset.

“It is sad to say that it doesn’t shock us though living on Barrow Island."

Mrs Gardiner, a former care worker, said: “We were down at the allotment so we parked near the school on Island Road whilst we were on holiday.

"We went in the morning of Friday and got back Monday night to find pellet dents in the car.

“We had been fell walking in Snowdonia and then we came back to this and it just takes the edge off a nice weekend.

“We had found out about the bus and I was stunned so we reported it to the police on Thursday.

“It’s irresponsible.

"That is the only word I can think of to describe it.

"People who do this just aren’t thinking of the consequences.

"I am disappointed that people who would want to damage other people’s property.

“Apparently whoever did it was aiming for a sign near the school.

“We may have to pay the excess £400 and could lose no claims and the insurance could go up.

“The car may need a whole new wing and they hit the roof rack.

"We have not done anything about repairs yet.

"We may just pay for it ourselves rather than take it out on insurance.

“Hard earned money has gone into paying for that car."

There was also a Blue Nissan Qashqai which has been shot 29 times on the driver's side door causing extensive damage on November 5.

A police spokesman said it was investigating the incidents.