Whatever smashed the window of a bus on Barrow Island, the chances are those responsible are having a sneaky snigger to themselves.

Sadly, it's anti-social behaviour like this that unfairly gives the place a bad reputation, despite a huge effort to improve life there.

They must be challenged, reported and reminded that this type of behaviour is unacceptable and won't be tolerated.

The vast majority are law-abiding and want to live in peace in a friendly community which looks out for each other.

Sadly, a mindless minority seem intent on dragging it down to their level.

Waving around an air rifle and shooting at a large moving target may strike some as a bit of fun, but the consequences shouldn't need to be spelled out.

If the police responded there's a good chance an armed unit would be called. In the dark, a gun is a gun in the eyes of the police who put public safety first.

Our local bus drivers do not need another hazard to worry about on their routes, particularly given the way some people overtake or park their cars.

And what about the innocent passengers minding their own business?

Many older people use buses and don't need nasty shocks like this.