PUBS, clubs and bars are being reminded of the rules surrounding drinking in a new joint initiative led by the police and the council.

Barrow police and Barrow Borough Council have joined forces to engage with town centre drinking spots in a bid to create a safer nighttime environment.

The checks, which are led by community team officer Andy Travis, are part of an initiative focussing on the licensing and running of pubs and clubs in Barrow.

The sale of underage beverages and the issuing of correct licences to door staff are areas police are particularly focusing on.

The regulations are also a precursor to some further work police officers are doing around enforcement and engagement.

Sgt Travis said he hoped the regulation checks would establish a ‘positive’ relationship between the police and drinking spots.

He said: “The aim of the initiative is to reaffirm the relationship between the police, council and various pubs and clubs in the town. This will help create a safer nighttime space which ultimately will attract more people into the town and help boost the economy.”

Sgt Travis said the engagement programme would help establish a ‘good relationship’ between landlords, officers and the council.

He said: “A good relationship between these various bodies is essential for the town centre. We want to work with the businesses across the town to create a safe and vibrant environment.”

Sgt Travis said the initiative was not prompted by any specific event, but is an attempt to re-engage with various drinking places across the town.

“There hasn’t been as much engagement between the police, council and licensees as we’d like which is something this work is going to re-establish,” he said.

“We see this as something which is really important for the town and a way to create positive relations.”

If businesses are found to be flouting the rules, appropriate action will be taken by the council.

Phil Simpson, the boss of Lancaster Brewery, which owns the Duke of Edinburgh in Barrow and the Mill in Ulverston, said: “I would ask why it hasn’t been done before but I absolutely would welcome it.

“Anything that makes pubs and clubs comply is good.

“It’s safer for the drinkers and improves Barrow’s reputation.”