THE MAIL readers react to a heavily pregnant woman who said she had been forced to put on hold a move into a new home after discovering a neighbouring property was infested with rats.

Andrea Iddon said: "I live right opposite this house and there is someone living in the property... We were concerned for his welfare as not seen him for a few weeks. I rung police to report it as I was concerned for his welfare... They have called round but he has been seen since entering property and leaving it."

Laura Henley said: "I used to live next door, never saw or heard anyone in the house and only saw someone exit the house a couple of times a year. Council knocked once to ask me if anyone lived there and I explained that. We didn't have problems with rats but we had cats so they'd of scared them away."

Laura Rawlings said: "Problem is with this town is no one cares you ring and ring and every one just passes the responsibility on to someone else or the police will go and if there's no answer they will leave. The problem needs sorting and someone needs to go in the house to make sure no one is actually living in them conditions and if they are that they are at least ok it disgusting!"

Kay Bentley said: "What about the poor person who is living at this property!"

Abigail Green said: "They're obviously in that house but they don't know where they're coming from. People have said they have seen him coming in and out, has anyone actually tried that thing called speaking to him? He obviously needs help."

Nicole Goodwin said: "I have never seen anybody going in and out or go anywhere near that house but that is heartbreaking if somebody truly does live there. If I saw the guy I would speak to him myself. The poor man clearly doesn't know what to do about the situation"

Anne Lowther said: "Maybe social services could do something if you think someone is at risk and the other agencies are not taking responsibility."