FURNESS climate change activists have defied a ban put in place to stop them joining Extinction Rebellion protests in London.

More than 1,600 people have been arrested since the protests began, and Broughton mum-of-two Megan Johnson went with her infant son to watch the events unfold.

The 32-year-old joined the protests in Millbank which is in the financial district in London.

Mrs Johnson, a member of the Furness Extinction Rebellion group, said: “There was a huge police presence when I arrived, which was excessive considering how many protestors there were. The police were very polite to begin with.

“Later on it was almost as though the police were trying to create a reaction from the protestors.

“I was speaking to another mother and we got split up as we were classed as an assembly.

“With regard to the incident on the train, the point behind that is that it is only a minor inconvenience in comparison to the disruption that climate change will have on peoples lives. Imagine what people would be like if they can’t get a loaf of bread because crops cannot grow.

“I think it was perfect that the sign in Barrow was spelt wrong as it brought more attention to the protests locally.

“I was quite anxious taking my young son, but I took him to join in and start fighting for my children’s future.”

Another protestor was Steven Johnson, who is from Ulverston. He was a environmental advisor in government 30 years ago and claims that they had warnings over climate change and ignored plans to tackle this. he said this is why he decided to join the protests outside The Shard as well as at Trafalgar Square.

The 65-year-old grandfather said: “I think it is important that people take part in this locally, like in Walney where they are tackling plastic on the beaches.

“It has got to be seen that people all over the country are concerned, not just people in London. My biggest concern is that people do not realise how serious it is.

“Walney was badly flooded a few years back, imagine if that was permanent.”