CUMBRIA Wildlife Trust's longstanding volunteers have been awarded for the hard work that they put into the conservation of wildlife.

Laurence Carlyle, a volunteer from Barrow, was nominated for his commitment to volunteering at nature reserves and Sue Gibson, a volunteer from Millom, was nominated for her dedication to Cumbria Wildlife Trust's local support groups.

The volunteers were presented with the Gold Badger’s Paw Awards by Stephen Trotter, the CEO, and John Farmer, the Chair at the trust, at Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Annual Conference on October 11th, which took place at Kendal Rugby Club.

Laurence Carlyle, 62, said: "I wasn't expecting to get the award.

"I just enjoy doing the volunteering side of things and the exercise.

"I get a lot of steps in when I volunteer, it is a good way to get exercising.

"I volunteer a lot down at south Walney, I have helped to put up fences, and taken them down again when that time of year arrives.

"I have also been decorating, I have got involved with the plumbing and I really like to help all of the visitors that we get.

"I do a bit of anything and everything really, I have even helped the professionals who come with the Seal Cams.

"Yesterday I fixed up the boardwalk after some cattle had managed to walk all over it and caused damaged to it, I have made it safe for people to walk on again."

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