A WOMAN bit, scratched and kicked five police officers as they tried to arrest her following a disturbance at a house in Barrow.

Police were called to a domestic dispute between Jemma Ormerod, 41, and her husband on December 12 2018.

But when they arrived, Ormerod, of Harrison Street, Barrow, had left the house and gone to a nearby pub.

Officers arrived to arrest her on suspicion of assault, but as they tried to restrain her she lashed out.

One officer suffered a bite to the inside of his thigh, another had a bite mark to their arm, and one had scratch to the back of his hand.

Another officer said they were kicked at least five times in the melee.

Preston Crown Court heard Ormerod has significant physical and mental health problems and had been using drugs on the day of the incident.

However she has remained drug free for seven months in a bid to regain custody of her child.

She pleaded guilty to five counts of assault on an emergency worker and appeared in court to be sentenced.

Recorder Nicholas Clarke QC, said: “You have a record of violent outbursts against social workers and police officers. I am appalled at the way you behaved towards those police officers. You became extremely violent- lashing out, biting, pulling etc..

“I know you have a long history of drug abuse. It is a terrible addiction that has caused you problems throughout your life. I know also there have been some tragic events you have had to deal with and I am aware of medical problems which are causing you concern.”

The judge handed Ormerod a two year community order with 30 days rehabilitation activity requirement to address her drug use.

He also said she must abide by a curfew between 8pm and 6am for three months, which includes the Christmas period, by means of punishment for her attacks on the officers.

The judge ordered a not guilty verdict in connection with the allegation of assaulting her husband, as there was insufficient evidence.