A SECURITY guard slapped with two ‘illegal’ parking tickets 23 years apart has blasted the council’s lack of action over unclear signs.

Adrian Hughes successfully appealed a fine he was given in 1993 after parking outside the Jobcentre on Michaelson Road in Barrow.

The 62-year-old, who is now working at the new Holiday Inn development, was shocked to discover he had been fined again - despite a court ruling two decades ago the sign was not enforceable.

Mr Hughes, a dad-of-two, branded the £25 fines ‘ridiculous.’

“It is still the same sign, and from my point of view they are taking advantage by issuing tickets to the unemployed visiting the Jobcentre,” said Mr Hughes.

“I fear the council are exploiting people and abusing their position but they do not have the power to do this.

“The sign is illegal and it should have been changed years ago.”

The Rawlinson Street resident said he believed the sign, which is faded, had not been changed so he has continued to park there despite being issued more tickets as he is confident he could make a successful appeal.

He said the sign has a lot of information on it which includes warning of a penalty charge.

But he argued it was not entirely clear due to the amount of text displayed.

Mr Hughes said he has spoken to Barrow Borough Council to get some answers as to why it has not been changed but said he was only given guidance on the parking fine process and procedures.

The parking department from Barrow Borough Council were contacted for comment but did not respond before The Mail went to press.

Mayor of Barrow, Cllr Kevin Hamilton said: “It seems a little bit ludicrous.

“This should have been brought to the attention of Barrow Borough Council by the court when it happened 23 years ago.

“We should have been notified about this because there are bound to be more people than him who have been fined over this time period. I can understand his point of view, but if he won the case last time, he should be able to win it again.”