Nina Williams It's a shame a minority of people spoil it for the majority. I walk mine and my clients' dogs here occasionally and it does seem a popular spot for walkers. But I've also seen children playing their own games on here, if anything it would be a shame to fence it off for that reason, there's not a lot of places in that area for kids to play football.

Julie Livingston In the old days it was fairly normal, definitely not now and totally anti-social. Pick it up.

Ian Lewis It's a shame but nothing new... I grew up in the 70s!

Alice Hunter Put up CCTV somewhere perhaps... and actually find who is doing it because the majority of dog owners do clean up... Yep CCTV and name and shame.

Terri Calvert The referee stopped the game on Sunday at Barrow Island Rugby Club as there was some on the pitch! The pitches are fenced off and people still let their dogs on them.

Jamie Lea Barrow streets are getting worse for it, Ainslie Street front and at back is always full of it, they even have the cheek to leave it outside your gate. If I caught them I’d be throwing it back at them.

Ian Wheddon Somebody actually allowed their dog to do it inside the market yesterday.

Damien Timlin I was at the game on Saturday and they picked up eight dog poos which is a joke.

Joe Bradbury A referee once made me pick it up because I was the closest player to it in a Sunday league game.

Dawn Mckellar It's always the minority making the rest of us responsible owners look bad.

Sue Hodgson That’s disgusting. If you have a dog, pick its mess up... simples!!!

Vera Langhorn Disgusting!

Neil Martin Yep, every home game there's loads of it all over the pitch. There was also dog muck which wasn't nice either.

Jamie Lea Needs some cameras around Barrow.