A FORMER sub-editor at The Mail has been selected as a parliamentary candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood.

Louise Thistlethwaite, who lives in Askam, is due to vie for the seat at the next general election for the Conservatives.

She could go up against Barrow-born Cat Smith, who currently holds the seat for Labour.

Mrs Thistlethwaite, who voted to leave the European Union, has two degrees in law and has been a magistrate for 10 years.

She said: “I am thoroughly thrilled and honoured to have been selected.

“I was inspired by the Women in Public Life campaign.

“Whenever the election is it’s highly likely Brexit will be an issue and it’s a leave constituency.

“That will be high on the agenda.

“Fleetwood is a coastal town and has a lot in common with Barrow.”

Mrs Thistlethwaite said she felt like a Lancastrian after being born in Ulverston when it was part of the red rose county.

She has taught at Lancaster University and first worked as a clerk in Barrow’s shipyard.

Cat Smith, 34, was first elected as the area’s MP in 2015.

She attended Barrow Sixth Form College.

The constituency voted in favour of leaving the EU.

She had a majority of 7,000 over the Conservative candidate at the last election in 2017.

Hazel Edwards, the leader of the Conservative group for Barrow Borough Council, said: “Louise is a great all-round candidate and I’m sure people will respond to her.

“I think she will win at the next election.

“She voted to leave and I’m sure that will be a big issue for people in the constituency.”

Prime minister Boris Johnson has recently lost votes on holding a general election.

The next election is not due until 2022 - but Mr Johnson wants an early election to try to restore the Conservative Party’s majority in the Commons.

Many people expect a general election before the end of the year.

In Barrow and Furness, current MP John Woodcock, an independent after leaving Labour is expected to stand again.

He will contest the seat alongside Tory candidate Simon Fell and Labour’s Chris Altree.

In Lancaster and Fleetwood, Peter Jackson will contest the seat for the Liberal Democrats and Leanne Murray for the Brexit Party.