Mail readers have spoken out against a couple who were seen filming their children whilst they chased and harassed sheep.

Sylvia Stoker said: "I’m back to my rant on parents not teaching children basic manners and life skills but goodness, in this case the parents are the ones who are behaving worse by allowing, even encouraging, their children to behave like this."

Abigail Green said: "No it's not the parents are as bad for encouraging it. I remember an article a few years back about children chasing a cockerel until it collapsed and died."

Dawn Phillott said: "This is completely unacceptable and definitely not parenting."

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Margaret Birkett said: "The parents and kids want putting in a pen with some tups, soon knock the laughs off their faces."

Sally Brackwell said: "Absolutely unacceptable."

Jane McEwan: "It isn’t acceptable, allowing your children to chase any bird or animal is never acceptable."

Kay Thompson said: "Totally tragic that anyone thinks this is ok."

Eleanor Pritt said: "Parents fault for letting them and thinking it is acceptable and appropriate behaviour."

Doris Charles said: "This is definitely unacceptable."

Elaine Hird-Kayess aid: "No it's not acceptable for stupid ignorant so called parents to laugh and take photos cruel."

Christine Winder: "Totally unacceptable parents need naming and shaming as they are totally irresponsible."

Janet Poskitt said: "Stupid parents they'd soon blame the farmers if the sheep turned on them."

Simon Walker said: "This is absolutely unacceptable, if they were dogs they would be shot."

Matthew Talbot said: "Why would any parent think this is an acceptable thing to let their children do."

Jo Braithwaite Guess the parents don’t care about teaching kids to respect animals or manners what is wrong with people these days."