Readers react to Barrow mum being 'left for dead' after hit-and-run.

Kate Lodge said: "Didn’t realise this was you Derienne Foster. Hope you’re soon on the mend, how horrible."

Ron Smith said: "Heard the news but didn't realise it was you until now. I hope you're on the mend and they catch this menace as soon as possible."

Ange Brown said: "That's a disgrace hope the poor lady is OK."

Lori Boo Robbo said: "This is disgusting. We were all upset to hear about what happened to Derienne and I hope this evil person is caught. How can anyone leave someone injured in the road and not bother and just drive off? Terrible, utter disgrace."

Kerry McCreanor said: "Wishing you a speedy recovery Derienne Foster - didn’t realise it was you this had happened to."

Tracy Fleming Martin said: "Just awful to leave you - I really hope they get caught."

Richard Payne said: "I nearly got wiped out same day this happened by a lass in a black Mercedes-Benz coupe don't think she could drive think same person - lol."

Paul Deelay I didn't realise this was you? Anybody who does a hit and run straight 10 years."

Julia Sunderland said: "OMG Derienne, how awful. It's unbelievable what some people are like."

Sally Milmine said: "Hope you’re better soon. I’ll keep my eyes open. The Mercedes must have some damage."

Anna Quary said: "Must have been awful for you, wishing you a speedy recovery Derienne Foster."

Lori Boo Robbo said: 2Derienne thinking of you and hope they find out who did this - hugs."

Jo Dufour said: "Oh I didn't realise this was you Derienne hope you're OK now."

Joanne Massey-Holmes said: "Hope your alright Derienne Foster."

Mark Richard Booth said: "I can't believe this happened and that someone would just leave you behind. They clearly knew that they hit you and they just drive off - absolutely disgraceful. I really hope they are found and suffer the consequences."