This is the moment a middle-aged man vaulted over a train station wall in a failed bid to flee cops.

British Transport Police were called following reports that a man had assaulted a security guard at Laindon railway station in Essex during rush hour on Thursday.

Clambering onto a sign, the man - wearing a black t-shirt and jeans - managed to climb over onto the platform without appearing to pay for a ticket.

He then fixed his glasses as he jumped onto the train tracks and attempted to scarper. But he was caught by police just a few minutes later.

The Mail:

A 20-year-old post worker from Laindon, who recorded the video to share on social media, said: "I heard commotion going on. There was security at the train station trying to contain three people.

"Two of them jumped the ticket barriers, got onto a train to London and this guy was left on his own. He didn't get very far and police caught him two minutes down the road." He said: "He definitely seemed aggressive and looked like he had assaulted the station staff."

A British Transport Police spokesman said: “A 44-year-old man from Romford was arrested on suspicious of trespass and common assault. He remains in police custody.”