MOTORISTS have called for highways bosses to repaint road markings after leaving a junction in a 'shockingly dangerous state'.

Cumbria County Council resurfaced the junction of the B5821 where it meets the A5092 a number of weeks ago but are yet to finish the job by repainting the give way markings.

The council said on previous occasions when engineers have returned to repaint the markings they have been prevented from doing so because of rain.

Highways bosses have insisted the job is 'at the top of the list' and will be completed 'as soon as possible'.

One motorist told The Mail: "The image pictures shows how the junction should look.

"Highways resurfaced the road many weeks ago. In fact it may be a few months.

"They repainted the centre line but they have not repainted the vital give way double dashed lines.

"It just ends at the junction and no give way lines are there.

"So for people coming along the B5281 from Ulverston when they reach the A5092 it is not all obvious - especially to people not familiar with the road - that they need to give way to traffic on a main road.

"It's even worse at night, of course, as there are no street lights.

"In an age when it's drummed into the public that health and safety is paramount, Highways leave a junction in a shockingly dangerous state.

"It seems they don't have any reliable procedures in place to inspect the work they do. Who are they answerable to?"

Councillor Bob Morrish, who serves on Kirkby and Ireleth Parish Council, agreed that the markings must be repainted as ‘a priority’.

“There have been a number of accidents at that junction in the past,” he said.

“So yes, it needs to be sorted as a priority.”

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council said: "The junction is at the top of the list for remarking as soon as possible.

"Teams have twice been to the location to complete the markings but unable to due to wet weather.

"We’ll return as soon as possible to complete the markings."