Readers react to calls to give seagulls a break

Vanessa James Out at sea these are clever birds they congregate by our boat whilst fishing we always give them left over bait I could never hurt them hopefully town seagulls go further away were their safe. Animal cruelty on any level whatever breed is wrong.

Eleanor Pritt Why have seagulls moved inland? Of course there are people who suggest the birds are different sorts of gulls that have acquired the ‘sea’ moniker due to their habitat. Either way, herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls are traditionally known as coast-dwelling birds that feed on the fruits of the sea.It is a disruption in the ready supply fish, particularly waste, due to changes in the fishing industry that some experts suggest could be a contributing factor in the gulls heading inland.

This is matched by a ready supply of waste food in cities and towns for the gulls to feast on – in particular at rubbish dumps.‘Rural’ seagulls that remain on the coast are in decline.

Sheila Drewery No not flying rats. I have watched seagulls with their young they are smart birds.

Janet Morgan Some humans are horrendous, why would anyone deliberately run over any creature?

Barbara Chapman It’s not the gulls that are the problem it’s people leaving food all over the place, if the gulls didn’t eat it who would clear it up?

Bill Maddrick No and people’s should not feed them from their house.

Kerry Burns They are not flying rats.

Eleanor Daphne Totally agree, yet another man-made problem. Don’t blame the gulls!