A DOORMAN said his 'blood was left boiling’ after thieves broke into his car and stole his Prada bag.

Simon Bond, 30, lost around £2,000 of goods from his Vauxhall Insignia parked in a car park off High Street, Barrow.

As well as the £500 Prada bag, Mr Bond said thieves helped themselves to designer clothing, bags including a £300 gold North Face1 Supreme bag, electronics including an iPad and air pods and alcohol.

The break-in took place overnight on Friday with Mr Bond discovering the theft after returning to his car after work.

The Mail's readers have had their say.

Kathy Bartlett Why has he got so much stuff in his car?

Karl Tumelty I’d feel robbed paying £500 for a bag.

Christopher Wilde Karl Tumelty it was a bag for life.

Dawn Durrant I’m sorry but if its worth that much why keep it all in your car? Even worse if it’s there for all to see who walks past, very silly.

Wayne Platts Dawn Durrant I mean it’s not the thieves’ fault is it...

John Price You should be able to keep what you want where you want no one should steal anything.

Ashleigh Thompson What, and that gives the people the right to take it? It’s not theirs. People should be able to leave their things where they’re safe without people taking them.

Thomas Maxwell Agreed, especially in a town like Barrow - you have to be more cautious.

Lucy Corner Any chance you left the car unlocked if there’s no damage? Somebody got very lucky.

Joanne Robinson Not a nice thing to happen

Christopher Wilde Who leaves stuff like that in their car?

Jacqueline Hartley Regardless of whether car was locked or unlocked, people should keep their thieving fingers to themselves.

Richard Absalom I wouldn’t leave a Greggs steak bake in my car.