A MAN who was angry a family Christmas had been spoiled punched his mother’s boyfriend repeatedly in the face during a New Year’s Day row.

Joshua Culshaw, 23, and his girlfriend, had been visiting his mum and her partner for Christmas and had contributed to the cost of Christmas dinner.

But when the young couple went to the house as agreed they discovered the older couple drunk and unable to prepare or join in a family meal, Preston Crown Court heard.

In the early hours of New Year’s Day, the young couple returned to the house after going out to celebrate the New Year.

At 2.30am a row broke out between Culshaw and his mum in the kitchen, and Culshaw punched a cupboard door.

He then went into the living room, where his mum’s boyfriend was lying on the sofa, and straddled him, punching him six or seven times to the face.

He suffered severe swelling to his right eye socket and says since the attack a previous sight problem has worsened and he can no longer read with his right eye.

The court heard the doctors could not say whether the deterioration was as a direct result of the attack, but he must maintain ongoing optician appointments to monitor his condition.

Culshaw pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and appeared to be sentenced.

The court heard the self-employed labourer has a strong work ethic and no previous convictions.

The judge said: “This was an uncharacteristic loss of control following slow burning tensions over a period of days.

“You say he drinks to excess and he causes your mother to drink to excess, but they are adults and it is up to them how they live their lives.”

She handed Culshaw, of Risedale Road, Barrow, a 26 week sentence suspended for 12 months with 15 days Rehabilitation Activity Requirement to address alcohol and anger management.

The judge also made a five year restraining order and ruled Culshaw must pay £1000 compensation to his victim.