CONCERNS have been raised over new homes built on community land could lead to the loss of an area’s ‘village feel’.

A housing developer is said to be looking at building houses in an area of community green space in Askam.

The land between Beach Street and Sharp Street, which is owned by Barrow Council, is the subject of interest from a housing developer.

Now, a community leader has expressed concerns that if new homes are built in Askam the village could lose a ‘unique’ feel that people love.

Cllr Ben Shirley, for Askam North, said: “I don’t think losing valuable green space is in the best interests of the people I represent.

“Local people on Sharp Street and Beach Street tell me that they don’t want to lose an area that generations of families have played on in a safe community environment and I will support them.

“We have a unique village feel in Askam that people love.

“Whilst I welcome new homes, we need to level up our infrastructure and develop brown field areas. Once those green spaces have gone, they’ve gone.”

Management from developer Modlar Homes met members of Askam and Ireleth Parish Council to discuss the company’s plans to buy the area of land.

Mr Shirley said: “We are very fortunate to have such a proactive and supportive parish council in Askam and Ireleth and I want to extend my thanks to them for continuing to work together with our community and me on this and many other matters.”

Residents were understood to have received letters from the housing firm with a view to obtaining pre-planning application feedback.

Cllr Shirley said the letter from Modlar referred to the possibility of dividing the land so that an 11-metre strip would be retained on the Sharp Street side while six metres would remain on the Beach Street side for the use of residents and for access.

Residents will be able to hear a report of the meeting with Modlar at the next parish council meeting at the Temperance Hall in Ireleth on September 10.

The Mail approached Molar Homes for a comment but was no was available.